Welcome to my world

Color, light, movement, presence. These four elements, like earth, wind, fire and water, captivate my attention. No matter whether the moment embraces painting, walking, thinking, relaxing.

The images here present both a story of my painting experiences, and a display of aesthetic thinking. Visual history and aesthetic patterns appear across the portfolio.

Seeing in Color. The best way to see what I see through these images is to open several screens all at once, each presenting something that appeals to you. When you look across a set of paintings, you may discover something new: continuity in change; resonance in variety; tranquility in motion.

Continuity through Light. It is my good fortune to have started painting when I was a kid, playing in my Father’s art studio. His first lesson was to draw a circle in ebonite on old newspaper. To this day I clearly remember him telling me that it was impossible for nearly every artist. Michelangelo, he said, was the only artist he knew who could do it!

And now, after a life of learning how to draw a circle, it is the myriad and ever amazing patterns in nature that still attract me. ………………

Change with Movement. A friend and fellow artist at Fenway Studios in Boston declared that my portfolio contains paintings that look like they’ve been painted by different people. They have. Each encounter with nature brings out a different character emanating from the artist painting it.

Resonance by Presence. Another artist friend there sees patterns reminiscent of Taylor – recognizing my lifelong affections for watercolor transferred to oil painting.

Variety of Craft. A third claims that our visits to the Museum of Fine Arts and ongoing discussions of the philosophy and evolution of the art of painting itself have brought together so much accumulated knowledge of the various nuances of the craft that it surpasses most living artists today.

Tranquility in Motion. It is my pleasure and privilege to share these experiences, and nothing short of a miracle that today’s venue makes it possible.

  • – Phillip